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Zultanite:  The Chatoyant, Flamboyant Color Changer

The rare zultanite gemstone, also called csarite or Turkish diaspore, is found in only one place in the world. A rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) possesses characteristics that are not seen in many gemstones. Still not known to many gem collectors and jewelry enthusiasts, the rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) is destined to be a gemstone that will have many a person clamoring to attain it.

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The rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) is a transparent stone that has chatoyancy (a cat’s eye effect)—the gemstone surface has a bright band of light, which isn’t seen often in gemstones. The main characteristic of a rare zultanite gemstone (csarite), though, is its color changing ability under different light conditions. Outdoors and in sunshine, or under fluorescent lights, a zultanite gemstone (csarite) has a kiwi green color, with flashes of yellow.  A zultanite gemstone (csarite) reveals a champagne color under regular indoor lights, and when exposed to subdued lighting, such as that provided by candles, a zultanite gemstone (csarite) has a pink or raspberry color. The larger the rare zultanite gemstone (csarite), the more dazzling the color change effect will be. A zultanite gemstone is usually between 3 to 5 carats. Any stone over 5 carats would be considered an extremely rare zultanite gemstone (csarite).


In 1801, diaspore was discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Diaspore, also known as empholite, tanatarite, and kayserite, has been used in jewelry settings, but the quality is nothing like that of the rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) that is emerging today. The gemstone cutting techniques used in earlier times pale in comparison to those that are being used on today’s zultanite gemstones (csarite). Zultanite’s mineral name is diaspore, but since Zultanite Gems LLC obtained the rights to the deposit of zultanite (csarite), they have had the best gemstone cutters in the world working with these rare zultanite gemstones. Zultanite (csarite) is a very difficult gemstone to cut. Ninety percent of zultanite's crystal is lost during the cutting process.


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Rare zultanite gemstones, at 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, are excellent stones for jewelry. Zultanite gemstones are found in many cuts, such as cushion, shield, marquis, pear, round, and oval.


Zultanite gemstones were first discovered in the early 1980s. The world’s only supply of rare zultanite gemstones are found in the area of Anatolia, Turkey, approximately seven miles from the nearest village, which is Selimiye. Rare zultanite (csarite) is a natural gemstone, meaning a rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) doesn’t require treatments or enhancements. The rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) was named after the 36 late 13th century sultans who ruled Anatolia’s Ottoman Empire. Since the zultanite gemstone comes from only one location, similar to the story of the tanzanite gemstone, zultanite gemstones (csarite) are extremely rare, even rarer than natural alexandrite.



The rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) is still mined by hand. Pick-axes and chisels are used to dislodge the breathtaking, beautiful rare zultanite gemstones (csarite). At the time of our research, a pricing structure for the rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) was still being developed. While some sources claim a rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) is cheaper than chameleon diamonds and natural alexandrite, current U.S. prices range from $100 per carat to $1,000 per carat. A zultanite gemstone (csarite) over 10 carats (incredibly rare) is $5,000 per carat.


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The soft, fluctuating colors of the rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) present themselves well with a wardrobe containing green, brown, or gold. Zultanite's splendor is sensational. Rare zultanite (csarite) is truly a gemstone that is a "must-have" for true gemstone or gemstone jewelry collectors. Find your beautiful rare zultanite gemstone (csarite) or zultanite gemstone jewelry soon, before prices start climbing higher.



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